Bosch Combi Drill

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill

as of May 23, 2022 12:07 pm
Part Number ‎ PSB 1800
Batteries ‎2 Lithium-ion batteries are required. (included)
Size 25cm x 40.8cm x 11.2cm
Voltage 18 Volts
Speed 2000 RPM
Item Weight ‎4.46 kg


The latest brushless motor technology
Compact lithium-ion of the latest generation 18V XR Li-Ion
LED work lamp
Design with rubber grip for increased user comfort
Lithium-ion batteries
Drill and punch function for multiple applications


Bosch Combi Drill

The Bosch PSB 1800 Li-Ion cordless drill is considered the best power tool brand on the market today, as it offers comprehensive advantages for all types of wood and non-flammable professionals. It can easily penetrate any surface at a faster speed, making it useful in applications such as flooring and other woodworking areas. If you want to buy a new combination drill for your private or commercial workplace, choose a Bosch 1800 Li-Ion cordless drill, as this is of better quality than the recharged batteries of mains-operated drills.


Technical Details

This type of cordless drill driver has tremendous power that makes it easy to tackle tasks that require drilling many holes in a single piece of concrete. The PSB 1800 li-2 cordless drill driver from Bosch is capable of driving up to 1.3 lb. This powerful drill is equipped with a highly efficient motor for quick and efficient actions and results. This drill bit can also penetrate medium-hard materials without any problems and can also drill in very hard and dense hard materials.

The 2-speed gearbox of the drill allows you to choose between standard hammer drilling and a combination of shock and vibration. The high torque output of the drill is achieved by a coupling system with variable torque, which works via a transmission rod. Drill features a conveniently placed battery that gives the operator more flexibility in tasks that require quick changes.

The battery discharges slightly when not in use so that the cordless drill can be used with another battery source without discharging the battery. The charging time of the device’s battery is about thirty minutes. It can simply be plugged into a normal household socket to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.



For many home improvement projects, the availability of these accessories makes purchasing a good investment. Bosch has developed cordless drills that are easy to use, even for less experienced operators.


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