Combination Pliers INGCO

Pliers HKTV01P041 INGCO

as of May 22, 2022 4:32 am
Part Number HKTV01P041
Product Dimensions  29.49 x 8.89 x 2.21 cm
Size ‎‎10 Inch
Manufacturer INGCO
Material ‎Alloy Steel
Item Weight 1.36 g


Combination Pliers INGCO HKTV01P041

Ingco Combination Pliers is an electrician tool brand that is extremely popular in the construction and electrical industries. These pliers are great for holding wires, nails, and other different sized things that you may need to work with. Their steel handles are provided with a special rust-resistant coating. They are also a very useful tool for anyone doing any type of contract work, such as: roofers or painters.


Most Popular Features Combination Pliers INGCO

One of the best things about these pliers is that they have a two-way handle so you can easily work from one side and the opposite. This is a great feature, especially when an electrician is working on the tallest and longest side of a building.This tool is perfect for the electrician who works with wiring all the time.The Innogy combination pliers are reliable tools that are worth every penny. Longevity and reliability make them a good buy and essential for any electrician, contractor, or business owner.


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