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Fuse Box Replacement London

What Do Fuses Do?

Fuse Box-Fuses work as a circuit breaker in high currents. That is, it breaks circuits if it detects a high current flow that is caused by a fault. It has a wire connected inside of it that easily melts when the current passing through the fuse is greater than what the fuse can hold, thereby causing a break in the circuit.


How To Choose The Right Fuse?

Generally, fuses are rated according to the amount of voltage they can control. And unlike circuit breakers, fuses are replaced immediately after they have performed their work. The following ways we could use to identify or choose the right fuse whether it is for a replacement or to be newly applied:

  1. First, ensure you follow the new fuse box regulations. Know the type of voltage and current the fuse can control for the particular circuit it is to be used for, as fuses are not only rated by voltage but also by the current they control (direct current or alternating current or both, depending on the type of fuse).                 
  2.  Check to know the current amperes of the circuit that is to be protected by the fuse.
  3.  Match the fuse to its holder, so that it can carry out its specific duty efficiently and suit its characteristics. For example, a glass-tube fuse can only fit another fuse holder if it is of a similar kind to the fuse it is to be replaced with.
  4. Note that some fuse has an internal element that can be replaced when they are blown. It is a metal conductive material that can be possibly removed and replaced by a metal strip and fixed back in the fuse box. So check if this internal element is replaceable.
  5. Fuses have an inspection window that shows if the fuse is blown or not. Also, inspect this as well.


How To Remove The Fuse From The Fuse Box?

To remove a fuse from a fuse box, you’ll need a fuse puller. Make sure the fuse box and other appliances are turned off. But if the fuse end can be accessed, you can try it with a screwdriver. Otherwise, hold the fuse by the middle with the fuse puller and pull it out from the fuse box.


How to Change a Fuse?

After removing the blown fuse from the fuse box using a fuse puller, insert the new fuse to the puller and push it into the place where the blown fuse was removed from using the same tool. In the case where you don’t know which fuse is damaged, simply remove a fuse from the fuse box, test it and confirm if it is damaged or not, if satisfied, replace it and do the same to others. You can test the fuse using a fuse tester.


How To Change Fuse Wire?

To change the fuse wire, first, unscrew the fuse carrier with a screwdriver and remove the blown fuse. Get a wire of the same amperage and thread it on the fuse at the central part, do the same for the screws before tightening it back, and then cut out any excess wire using a plier.


How To Change a Fuse in a Modern Fuse Box?

In a modern electric fuse box, before changing any fuse, be sure to turn off the switch before removing the fuses. Also, ensure the UK’s new fuse box regulations are met. Label each circuit so you can easily identify the blown fuse in the new fuse box, otherwise check for the fuse with a scorch mark, which is another way to identify a blown fuse. There are different kinds of fuses. To change a cartridge fuse, simply unscrew the two screws, remove the damaged fuse and replace it with a new fuse, then tighten the screw back.

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Amazing work. Very quick, efficient and helpful. Even provided advice on various aspects.

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Ihor and his co-electrician were brilliant. Ihor kept in touch with me from the start and attended my home promptly to carry out the work. The guys did a brilliant job from start to finish and charged me a good price. I'm very happy indeed with their work and would not hesitate to recommend them. Ten out of ten for Ihor!

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