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24/7 Electrician Services – Safe and Efficient

We are a Full Service Electrical Contractor

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Electrical Service

We provide complete electrical design and installation services.

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Heating Service

We offer energy efficient electric heat products and installations.

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Air Conditioning

Our installation services ensure that you get the right air conditioner.

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Security Systems

You can view events over a monitor in our home.

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Panels Changes

Electrical panels are the heart of your electrical system.

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We offer the very best level of responsiveness and reliability, as well as on-line job management and reporting. Our extremely experience contractors across the state make sure that your premises are continuously maintained and compliant.
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We offer the very best level of responsiveness and reliability, together with online job management and reporting. Our extremely experience contractors across the state make sure that your premises are continuously maintained and compliant.
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We offer the very best level of responsiveness and reliability, together with online job management and reporting. Our extremely experience contractors across the state make sure that your premises are continuously maintained and compliant.
How Can I Check An Electrician Is Qualified?

If you’re using electricity in your home or office, knowing the qualifications of your electrician and his level of experience and expertise is very crucial. Getting a qualified electrician to do your electrical work will prevent or reduce the dangers that might occur due to wrong electrical connections or installation. This is very important because electricity is probably the most dangerous work or task that needs to be handled by one who is well-trained and skilled. So, to be on the safer side, ensure you find an electrician who will do a perfect job. 


What Is An Electrician?

An electrician fixes and specializes in electrical installment, electrical maintenance, electrical wiring, and repairs of electrical devices, machines, and other related equipment. A person has to be an approved electrician before being considered to carry out electrical jobs. That is, they must pass through the three most important stages of electrician licensing which are: the apprentice, the improver, and the qualified electrician They also must possess the electrical work certificate and license that fully qualifies them as electricians.


What Does An Electrician Do?

Electricians primarily build, install, and operate electrical systems and equipment in buildings; they repair transformers, electrical machines in industries, and electrical motors. Additionally, they handle different tools like wrenches, strippers, screwdrivers, drill tools, hand tool cutters, etc. The different types of electricians have different fields of work. While some work as domestic, commercial, and industrial electricians, others focus on maintenance and installation. Let’s understand them briefly. A domestic electrician works within residential settings which include houses, apartments, and others.

They’re the local electricians we find around our vicinity. They generally repair, maintain, test, install, and upgrade electrical systems in residents. A commercial electrician works for commercial buildings such as offices, ristorante, and stores. Unlike the residential and commercial electrician, an industrial electrician works with industries mostly on a large-scale project as the electrical work done in industries exceeds that of residential and commercial homes. These electricians are also involved in the maintenance and installation of electrical systems in the industry and monitor and carry out routine checkups, ensuring the replacement and repair of faulty electrical equipment.


How To Check An Electrician Is Qualified?

A qualified and licensed electrician must have a means of identification like a certificate or an Identification Card or registration number with a local authority recognized scheme. And you must check for these two things or any other relevant paperwork of the electrician before letting them do any electrical work on your premises. If an electrician declines or refuses to show you their registration document or identity card, do not allow such an electrician to do your electrical work. This is a sign that the electrician is not a registered electrician and is not licensed to carry out electrical jobs. Electricians, who conduct electrical works in London, UK, must meet the UK electrical standard and should have industry-recognized qualifications such as the NVQ level 3 in electrical installation or its diploma equivalent recognized by City & Guilds or JIB.


Choosing An Certified Electrician in London

When selecting an electrician, you should note that not all electricians have the same experience and expertise. If you’re appointing an electrician in London to work for you, make sure you choose an electrically competent person who is registered under the government-approved membership schemes and also has the right technique for electrical works. You can as well investigate by carrying out some researches or asking for recommendations from trusted persons to confirm that the electrician is, or has what they claim.


Check The Competent Person Electrical Register

There are government-approved schemes that electricians should be registered with. Electrical works or electrical wiring in the United Kingdom requires electrician membership schemes in the UK. Schemes like the NICEIC, NAPIT, and ELECSA.Go through the registered electrical competent person website to check if your electrician is truly registered. The website provides you with all the necessary information you need for the confirmation of your electrician qualification. From the website, you can then truly confirm if the electrician is registered and is a competent electrician.


Why You Should Choose A Registered Electrician?

Having a registered electrician work for you is of course a very good option for anyone who wants a professional job done on anything regarding electricity. Electrical work is a complex and risky one that should only be handled by an electrician that is registered and experienced if to be undertaken in homes, industries, commercial buildings, or anywhere at all. If your electrical system is installed properly and very well maintained, then you are sure to be on the safer side because the possibility of accident or injury that sometimes results from wrong electrical connections will be prevented. Other reasons why you should choose a registered electrician are:

  •         The UK oversees and regulates all registered electricians.
  •          It is one of the prime requirements needed before some complex electrical jobs can be done by an electrician.
  •         To ensure safety and protection, a registered electrician thoroughly checks all the work done on the premises.
  • When using a registered electrician you don’t have to notify a local authority or building control body it is part of registered electrician duties.


Tell Them The Work Required

Once you have gotten a professional electrician that is registered and competent, the next thing you want to do is to give them the details of the work you require. Provide your electrician with the summary of the work, to help make the quotation process clarified and to give a refined account of what you both agreed on. Be sure to make your details obvious to the registered electrician, to avoid wrong connections or installation. Moreover, you should agree on a payable amount that you can afford or an amount that is readily available. Also, ensure that the electrician signs every written agreement to avoid arguments and disagreements.


Check They Are Qualified

I bet you wouldn’t want to employ an electrician who will end up destroying your electrical system trying to fix it. To check if your electrician is qualified, ask for their ID card. The identity card should contain their photo and part of their qualification details. Also, search through the NICEIC database to verify that they are truly qualified. And ensure you report any person who pretends to be registered when they are not. The NICEIC certificate is a mandatory and legal requirement and should be presented by any registered electrician. So if your electrician has the NICEIC certificate, you can rest assured that you have a qualified person for the job.



The NICEIC is the acronym for the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. It is an organization responsible for the regularization of the training and work of electricians in the UK. The NICEIC is one of the various providers authorized by the government to offer competent person schemes that supervise electrical tasks. One of the functions of NICEIC is to confirm that the right tools are being used, that is well-calibrated to make sure that the work will be accurately measured and recorded.


NICEIC Certification

NICEIC Certification (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) is a brand of Certsure LLP, an outstanding Certification body accredited by UKAS (UK Accreditation Body). The certificate provides industry-recognized assessments to the building services sector.


Building Regulations

The building regulations are rules that determine the least acceptable level of safety for structures. All electricians registered with an electrically competent person scheme operator are authorized by the government to self-certify that their work totally complies with the building regulation. So you should always confirm that the electrical work you are planning in your home appears under the building regulation requirement in your area. If it’s confirmed to be, then a registered electrician with a government-approved scheme should be used. Moreover, the electrician should be able to deal with the work and do everything necessary on your behalf, including notifying the local authority about the work before the beginning of the work.


Why Choose Us?

It’s quite simple. If you are looking for a local professional electrician in London or certified electrician near you, around London, UK, we are the one. Whether the services are related to residential, commercial, or industrial, we have your back. Our electricians in London are well-trained and competent. We can boast of a quite number of registered electricians with electrical qualifications and who have undergone NICEIC certificate checks and number checks. We believe, today, every homeowner, business, or industry in the UK should employ a certified and professional electrician, to avoid installations or connections that might result in injury or fire. Your electrician should be a JIB registered electrician or its equivalent.

Hiring a registered electrician means their work will be regularly accessed and regulated by the government. Hence it is an assurance that you’ll get your electrical systems or appliances perfectly fixed and well maintained. As we mentioned, the NICEIC certification is important and should be confirmed through the competent person’s website. So, try as much as possible to avoid the mistake of choosing and employing the wrong electrical engineer. If you find it difficult to figure out whether or not your chosen electrician is registered, then do contact us for advice. Finding a qualified electrician will be very easy if you are aware of the rules and regulations. Nonetheless, you can anytime contact us for information regarding electrical system operations, installations, and maintenance, or advice on how to get a registered and licensed electrician.