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Lighting Installation London

How Does the Lighting Installation Work in Your House?

Often lighting up your house comes as one of those things you have to do, and you do not put too much consideration into it. However, knowing how electric light wiring works is always a plus when you are changing your old wiring to the new light fitting. The importance of good lighting in your house cannot be overstressed as different lighting have different effects on your mood, feelings, and general carriage. In addition, the evolution of household light bulbs from incandescent light bulbs to LED and OLED bulbs affects how light fitting wiring works. You would need the help of a qualified electrician for wiring a light fixture in the UK.


Ceiling Lighting Installation

Ceiling light wiring and installation can be a complex affair, but changing old wiring to new light fitting can still be done by yourself. When wiring a ceiling light, the first thing to do would be to get the necessary tools for the task, including a couple of screwdrivers, electrical tape, wire connectors, the new bulb you intend to fix, and a stepping tool. You would need the help of a friend through the entire process of installing a ceiling light. The first task to carry out would be to identify the electrical circuit panel for the room in question and switch it off; this would prevent you from tampering with your ceiling light connection.

Once this is done, you would need to unscrew the current ceiling light wiring and remove the bulb there. Next, you would need to ensure your existing electrical box is properly fitted in. Fixing the wiring might be tricky; remember to attach the red wires to red(brown) wires and black(blue) wires to black wires, then screw on the wire connectors and connect the grounding wire. Ensure the box is appropriately fixed in, then begin to install your new bulb. Finally, do not forget to install your fixtures trim and cover and switch back on the electrical circuit panel for the room. Changing a light fitting can be done by yourself. Still, if you have no idea what you are doing, it would be best to get a certified electrician to help in wiring a light fitting in the UK.

Led lighting Installation

Led lights are more efficient and add have more color range to your living space; when you want to change old wiring to new light fittings, getting led lights is a brilliant option for you. Fixing LED lights are pretty straightforward, although there are a couple of things to keep in check. The first thing to keep in check is the voltage required by the LED lights; this will help you maximize your LED lights, then determine the maximum and minimum power consumption of the LED lights, color temperature ex: Day light-5400K and Warm light 3200K.


Finally, it would be best if you figure out how close to a feed the LED lights will be. When people want to change their light fitting, a popular question is if they can fix their new LED lighting in an old ceiling rose wiring. Most often than not, you need to call a competent person for this job. It is advisable to change the wiring from an old ceiling rose wiring to a much more modern option. However, old ceiling rose wiring could be quite adequate for older light fittings such as light pendant wiring.

Lighting and Power To a Summerhouse or Shed

Having a summerhouse or shed has its appeal all over the UK; many homeowners have a summerhouse in their gardens. This development is not just for space occupation, but many times, the summerhouses and sheds are functional, serving as office space for some and relaxation points for others or simply as a storage facility; either way, lighting up your summerhouse or shed is a solid investment. The advantages are numerous, including creating a secure environment for work in your summerhouse and general tool security for your shed. A light fitting diagram could be needed to thoroughly mark the various points of power transfer from your main building to your summerhouse or shed.

For example, you need an armored cable passed underground from your primary power source to your shed. Wiring a light fitting diagram first will help you estimate the cable length and type, allowing you to cut costs in the process. To keep the cost down, you can decide to dig the armored cable trench yourself rather than pay the electrician for it. Suppose you are not a professional or qualified electrician. In that case, you should not try to power your summerhouse or shed on your own, rather calling on qualified hands to handle the whole process is your best bet.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

When it comes to outdoor lighting installation, there is no particular need for wiring ceiling lights, as most outdoor lighting installations use landscape lighting depending on your need or desires. The benefits of outdoor lighting are numerous from both a safety and a style perspective! There are many benefits to incorporating outdoor lighting into your outdoor spaces, such as creating a social atmosphere for patio dining or making your garden less of an easy target for burglars or criminals. You can use cable for outside lights, especially when you intend to use the lights as a means of decoration and not just illumination.

To perfectly carry out outdoor lighting installations, you need to make sure some things are done properly. Outside light wiring often involves a lot of cables, and these cables would be on the ground for years; having the cables properly duct-taped together and kept properly would save your electrician from needless headaches for years to come. It would help if you also endeavored to make use of the exterior walls of your home as much as possible when installing lights outdoors. Finally, make use of boxes to organize cables to ensure no naked cables are lying around. 

Outdoor Lighting Installation for Balconies

Suppose you think spotlights living room are the best way to welcome your visitors. In that case, they are not totally a bad idea, but you can go a step further by lighting up your balcony. The balcony is the portal between your house and the outside world. Making a statement with your lighting can go a long way in creating a welcoming ambiance for you after a long day of work or present you to your visitors and set the mood for how you host them. Here are some tips to keep in mind while lighting up your balcony. Security is essential.

By security, we refer to the security of the bulbs. It is vital to use luminaires with high IP ratings on the balcony and terrace, which indicate how resistant they are to external factors, above all moisture. Energy efficiency is the hot topic on planet safety, and you should pay attention to it. Getting energy-efficient bulbs is not only good for the planet, but they also are not expensive. New Led lights are bright, colorful, and pocket-friendly; they are also more durable than conventional light bulbs. Finally, the quality of the bulbs you get is essential. The best outdoor luminaires are made from stainless steel or aluminum, and they should last you for many years to come.

Garden Lighting Installation

One of the best places to feature both practical and beautiful lighting installation is in your garden. Garden lights electric are pretty important for the safety of your garden. A light-fitting wiring diagram will be essential to properly illuminate your garden, as proper planning is needed to set your dream garden alight. When fitting outside light or installing garden lights, your first step is to plan out the spread of light in your garden, the types of light you will need, and the security implications of how well-lit your garden will be. You will also need to procure quality lights as your garden lights would have to endure all kinds of weather. In deciding what type of lighting, you want, you have a couple of options.

You could go for traditional energy-saving lamps or a modern LED lamp. In addition to being energy-efficient, LED garden lighting has a longer life than its energy-saving counterparts. Solar-powered lights are also another excellent option when installing garden lights, and if you can afford it, a mix of various lighting options adds color to your garden. When picking your garden lights, picking the right voltage is essential. Low voltage garden lighting essentially means your lighting cables do not have to be deep into the ground. In contrast, high voltage garden lighting requires garden lights electric cables deeper underground.

Common Mistakes When Fitting Light Fittings

You should avoid these five mistakes when fitting light fittings and installations. Do not make color mistakes. When wiring lights and fixing switches, ensure that you are wiring a light switch in red and black or more obvious colors to prevent confusion. Wrongly colored wires could cause avoidable sparks and damages when wiring a light fitting. Decorative use of light fixtures. There are times when we see a gorgeous lamp in some store and think it would look great in our room, so we buy it right away. Consider the lighting scheme of the room and reach for fixtures that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Taking such a default decision may lead to a waste of electricity and worse illumination. Avoid the use of dimmers.

Lighting fixtures such as incandescent lamps are commonly used without dimmer switches. This results in the lights using a huge amount of electricity and producing a great deal of heat. Dimmers should always be installed for home lighting. You are ignoring natural light. Light does not always have to be the answer if the sun provides bright, warm light at no charge! Adding windows to your home will allow you to bring in more natural light and keep your home from looking dark and dingy, particularly in the winter months. Dark spaces with poor lighting. People often don’t think about lighting dark spaces such as small utility rooms, closets, cupboards, and lofts; light up areas where shadows are always present by installing LED strips, lighting bars, or cabinet lights.

Why Choose Us for Lighting Installation in London

Wiring a light fitting UK might seem a daunting task at first. Still, with us, you get prompt and top-notch installation services for various lighting installation services. Our technicians use state-of-the-art technology to provide the best services around London.

Quality Services

Our services are stellar as we ensure that our clients get the best lighting services in the UK. We provide ceiling lighting installations with swift response to requests. We also offer quality LED lights and LED lighting installations for indoors and outdoors services. We also provide gardening lighting installation and consultation for a home rewiring. Our services are top-notch and are available within the UK.

Certified Electricians

Getting a certified electrician is your best point of call when attempting to undertake any form of electrical wiring that you have no experience with. To ensure your safety, reaching out to a certified and qualified electrician is a must. Our personnel are certified and qualified and can adequately address any electrical faults you might have

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