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    What is an Emergency Electrician?

    When Michael Faraday discovered the basic principles of electricity, he had no idea how much the world would benefit from his invention. Now there are hardly any households in the UK that exist without electricity. The importance of power in this age cannot be overemphasized; from big industries to small work sheds, the need for electrical power is indispensable.

    Emergency Electrician London

    Moreover, in our homes, many of our appliances require electricity to function; knowing the importance of electricity to our daily living, wouldn’t it be wise to prepare for unforeseen challenges that could arise in this essential part of our lives? At this point, you probably understand the need for an emergency electrician, but what is an emergency electrician?

    An emergency electrician is an electrician that can show up at your location on concise notice to attend to electrical emergencies that could occur in your dwelling. A simple search for the term electrician London would provide you with many options for emergency electricians in London. It is possible to find an electrician, but you may not be able to determine their level of expertise or qualification. By the end of reading this, you will be better equipped to make this critical choice, as well as get access to qualified electricians.

    Emergency Electrical Services

    There are services considered as emergency electrical services. When these emergencies arise, you would know the electrician required for the emergency. What are some of these emergencies? A sudden blackout. A sudden blackout in your home would require you to find an electrician near you, especially if you find out the blackout affects your home alone.

    Strange noises coming from your electrical system. Light fixtures, outlets, or switches that are buzzing or humming may be dangerous and should be addressed immediately. There could be noises coming from loose connections, faulty or improperly grounded wires, or an overloaded outlet. Furthermore, they can damage appliances or electrical systems, resulting in electrical fires.

    It would be best if you contact a certified electrician immediately after these noises become apparent. Exposed wires could pose a huge danger to your life and that of your children if allowed to go unchecked. Reach out to a job electrician as soon as you find an exposed wire in your home.

    Emergency Electrician Services

    How To Hire an Emergency Electrician?

    Hiring an emergency electrician in London might seem like a snap decision, one you make on the spur of the moment. Still, the truth is that selecting an emergency electrician is no easy task. Choosing an emergency electrician should not wait until there is a problem; instead, you should already have one or two good emergency electricians you can contact when faced with an emergency. Here are a couple of criteria to consider when making this decision


     Often, when you search for an emergency electrician, this is likely your search query “emergency electrician near me” because location plays a huge role in responding to emergency situations.


     Whoever you hire should have an electrical engineering qualification in the UK, allowing him to operate within your area. In addition, you will need to check if he has an operating license and if he is bonded and insured according to their profession. 

    Guaranteed communication access

    Over time, having an electrician means you have been relating with him and would have called him a couple of times. Communication access is very important, especially when you require help in an emergency.

    Wide range of expertise

     In an emergency, you would need someone to attend to various types of problems and respond to you in an emergency.

    Find a Reputable Electrical Contractor

    Finding a reputable electrical contractor might still seem daunting, but you have to start by searching. You can do this by searching online for a certified electrician in your area. Upon finding several electricians in your area, it is advisable you research each one, searching their websites, and speaking with their customer care departments if possible.

    You can also discuss with your neighbors to get an electrician they use and trust. Armed with this knowledge, you can then ask for a consultation section to clear up any doubts and confirm the area of expertise of your selected electrical contractor.

    Electrical Qualifications

    Electrical Qualifications

    One of the factors you should look for in a qualified electrician is his/her electrical qualifications. In the UK, most certified electricians go through a process that involves 3 to 4 years of apprenticeship and has to hold an industry-recognized level 3 qualification in a technical and vocational course or level 3 diploma.

    Permission for a job

    Are you required to have a special permit to work as an electrician in the UK? Choosing an emergency electrician might require you to think about this question. Oftentimes, after a potential electrician has gone through an apprenticeship and has been qualified, there is no need for extra permission for the job.


    A warranty can be something you are interested in when looking for an emergency electrician. Several electrical contractors provide warranties for their services. These warranties could vary in length and coverage too.

    Previous similar electrical experience

    In picking an emergency electrician, previous experiences can help to guide your choice. Similar electrical experiences can also help you attend to electrical emergencies more effectively. Suppose you had an electrical issue where the emergency electrician was able to put you through a simple fix. In that case, such experience can aid you in reacting better to a similar future occurrence. 

    Part P of the Building Regulations

    Standards must be met when buildings are constructed according to the building regulations.

    In Part P of Schedule 1, the Building Regulations state, ‘Reasonable provision shall be made in the design and installation of electrical installations in order to protect persons operating, maintaining or altering the installations from fire or injury.’ It applies to electrical installations that operate at low or extra-low voltages, and that is:

    In or connected to a dwelling.

    Buildings in which there are common areas, excluding lifts, for one or more residences.

    When a building receives its electrical power from a source that is shared with a dwelling.

    Garden or land where the electricity is supplied from a source that resides inside or adjacent to a dwelling.

    As a result of this requirement, low-voltage and extra-low-voltage electrical installations in dwellings must be engineered and installed to provide appropriate protection against mechanical and heating damage and not present fire and electric shock hazards to individuals.

    What is Part P

    Electrical safety regulations for England and Wales were introduced in 2005 as part of the Building Regulations. Therefore, by law, the majority of fixed electrical installations in homes must comply with Building Regulations. Electrical installation work in the home must comply with Part P by ensuring that the work is crafted and installed so that it protects people from electric shocks and fire.

    If existing installations have been altered in any way, including rewiring parts, the Part P electrical regulations apply. Additional changes were made in April 2013 which reduced the range of electrical installations requiring notification. This included removing some requirements for kitchens and outside work. Part P. would cover the majority of the work undertaken by electrical contractors as such, you should be sure to notify and have these works inspected by building control bodies.

    Ensure that the building work meets the requirements of the Building Regulations by having the local authority’s Building Control Department inspect it. Using a contractor who is registered with an organization such as NICEIC will satisfy the requirements. To set a common standard for contractors, the government approved the establishment of competent person schemes. Contractors can self-certify their work as compliant with Building Regulations after they sign up for the scheme, saving you the time to contact the local authority.

    How does Part P apply to you?

    Part P of the Act applies to anybody who lives in a house, flat, maisonette, or who shares a communal area with someone else. In addition, the law applies to electrical installations that share an electric supply with a home, such as homes located above shops. Those who live in these types of homes need to understand the type of electrical work that needs to be carried out.

    As an individual, you must care for your safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of your property. Spend a few minutes reading Part P until you understand the details thoroughly. A few minutes of your time could save your life and tons of money.

    How much does an emergency electrician cost?

    Choosing an emergency electrician for your home might end up coming down to the cost of the services of available electricians, but the truth is, different criteria affect the cost of an emergency electrician.

    Although it is difficult to receive a direct quote from an emergency electrician, it is possible to consider certain things, including the proximity between the electrician’s office and your locality, the expertise of the electrician, the qualifications of the electrician, the cost of the repairs, and other factors too. Additionally, the cost of hiring an electrician depends on where you live.  

    Why Choose US

    When selecting an emergency electrician, a number of things to note have been given to you above; choosing us would allow you to enjoy all the benefits stated with extra benefits to boot. We provide premium services and quick response to emergency requests in the UK. Furthermore, when you need part p electricians near me, we are just one call away.

    With us, you enjoy quick response, effective repairs, with a warranty that covers our services to you. You will be dealing with professionals, and one thing remains certain- getting the best value for your money.